For more than twenty years the Love Trust for Indian Children in Need has been saving babies’ lives.

At the end of the 1990s, four friends got together to do something about an appalling situation. Steven and Heidy Love from West Sussex UK and their friends Harshawarden and Seema Agashe from Buldana in India, were deeply moved by the plight of babies born to unwed mothers in the rural part of India where Harsh and Seema live.

They decided to build an orphanage in Buldana where babies could be born and cared for in peace and safety. Their mantra was “Every child born has a right to live and to be cared for”.

20 years on, over 800 babies have been adopted from the orphanage by devoted parents. Most are adopted by Indian parents who offer these children a caring and loving home within their own country. Others are adopted by families around the world. There are countless stories of all of these children thriving and enjoying happy and successful futures which they would not otherwise have had.

You can learn more about the story of the Love Trust from the video and case studies on this website. Our work continues to save yet more lives. If you are as moved by this story as we think you will be, please help us by donating what you can to save more children. Thank you.