Case Study 2

Another story is about a baby girl called Dhara. One day the father, along with his son and daughter (Dhara), came to our orphanage. He wanted to surrender Dhara as her mother had died and he was unable to take care of both children.

Dhara was just a year old then. I can still recollect the pain in the eyes of the siblings at the parting. Dhara was an introverted little girl, always very scared of strangers. The moment any adoptive couple came to see her she would burst into tears or hide. As a result, she was rejected a number of times.

Then, a miracle happened. An affluent family from Bangalore came to our centre. We showed them Dhara and to our utmost surprise this shy Dhara immediately ran to the father and hugged him tightly as if she had been waiting for him. The father was in tears and said he need not see any other child. He believed his late mother had come back to him in the form of Dhara. We were all moved by this episode.

Later, after a few years, we visited Bangalore and were happy and touched by the way Dhara had developed … so responsible, caring and like a princess of the house.