We are forever grateful to The Love Trust for the love and care they provided to Aditi in the 22 months she spent there before joining our family. As we jumped through the administrative hoops necessary to finalize her adoption, we were treated with pictures and videos of her development along the way.  This personal touch kept our spirits high until all boxes had been checked and we made the trip from U.S.A. to India. Upon our arrival it was clear that Aditi was well cared for and attached to her caregivers. We are deeply appreciative that she had the opportunity to attach so closely to such warm and dedicated women as this surely will have a permanent impact on her overall development.  With that reassurance always in our minds, we’ve watched Aditi blossom before our eyes. She’s growing into a funny and spunky preschooler who loves to cruise the neighborhood on her bike, dance alongside her older sisters, and do just about everything “all by my own self”. What an honor to have been entrusted with her.