Why do babies come to the orphanage? 

Why do babies come to the orphanage? Dr Seema Agashe explains:

Buldana is a very under-developed area of India.  One of the many problems we face is the issue of unwed mothers who have crossed the limit of termination of their pregnancy. Most of them are very young. Illiteracy, social stigma and low socio-economic background all contribute to them coming to us in the later stages of pregnancy. We provide these young girls with free shelter, food, free ante-natal care and delivery of their babies. To date we have looked after 450 such unwed mothers and their babies have all been adopted into loving families.

There are cases where the girl has conceived in her first ovulatory period; a case where a 20-year-old unwed mother had a mental age of 6 years. There are cases where the girl has been betrayed with false promises of marriage; cases where the father of the unwed mother had almost committed suicide rather than face the disgrace of their families. Often the fathers are cousins, uncles or other close family members. Our organisation has come to their rescue and saved hundreds of lives not only of the babies but also their family members and the unwed mothers.

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